Our Partners will be able to maximize their sales with our high-quality and intuitive multimedia software that can present customers digital images, videos and audio better. We bring together a wealth of resources, leading products and profit maximizing discounts to help our partners grow their business.

CloneBD delivers flexible, custom solutions to many top companies, adding value to their products and services and providing them with new revenue opportunities, and establish partner relationship in a win-win beneficial way to expand our business.

 Contact us for any request or question, please mail to info#clonebd.com.

  • Affiliate Program:

    CloneBD affiliate program is for website owners who get a high volume of traffic to their site. CloneBD and DVD Copy are best sellers that will help you easily and quickly turn your traffic into revenue. The more you sell, the higher commission you'll get. more >>

  • OEM bundling :

    CloneBD offers affordable software and high-quality technology service to our OEM clients. Hardware / software vendors or relative technical service providers can embed our technology with their products to add values to their products and expand its market.

  • SDK licensing :

    CloneBD decides to share their Decoder & Playback SDK licensing in 2004. CloneBD time-proven technology enables you to enhance your video software solution. you can easily save cost and time to develop software.

  • Co-branding and re-branding :

    If you are interested in leveraging the existing brand recognition, we can help you develop co-branded or re-branded solutions. You can distribute our products under your brand or employ joint branding with CloneBD

  • Distributor for retail :

    CloneBD is seeking distributors/agencies to sell our software products all over the world. If you are a software distributor/agency and interested in our products, please contact us

  • Customized solutions:

    CloneBD provides whole solution for customers to fulfill your either personalized or business request, relating digital video and audio software which help you to record, edit and play digital multimedia content.